Welcome to the unofficial website for MonotoneTim, the grad school student who's been around since JTV and is partnered despite sometimes going 4 months without streaming! He's got a dry sense of humor, and his streams never go as intended, to hilarious effect. He just has a magical ability to break any game you give him or put inordinate amounts of work into it to shock and awe you. Regardless of if it's PubG or a game from Archive.org, he's sure to defy the intent of the developers and the expectations of the chat.

Some past-times of his streams include Oregon Trail II, RollerCoaster Tycoon, The Sims (1-3), Free Sims Online, Cities: Skylines, Puyo Puyo, and shovelware from Archive.org. To see the games he has played and footage of it, go to the Links section to see what all he has done.

So, who is this "Tim" guy, anyway?

Glad you asked. MonotoneTim, aka Tim Troppoli, is a [age calculated with JS; he was born December 1, 1991]-year-old grad school student at the University of Maryland at Baltimore studying physiology and pharmacology. His first major article was published in PNAS on February 22, 2019. (You can view the abstract here.) Although he claims to be a busy grad student with no time to stream, he streams on his alternate channel, StereotoneTim, quite often.

Tim originally started streaming in June of 2009, on Ustream. In 2011, he moved to Twitch and became a Partner (he was one of the first), and got his subscription button in 2013 (fun fact: being partnered used to just let you run commercials, 2013 was when they introduced sub emotes); you can check out his subscriber emotes and subscriber badges here.

Tim knows Japanese, and you'll see him read Japanese text on stream from time to time. In 2016, he released an English translation of White Ties, an RPG Maker game. You can download it here (mirror).

On YouTube, Tim's most famous video is "Auditory Illusions: Hearing Lyrics Where There Are None" (over 4.5 million views), a video about how our brain fills in lyrics when an audio file with lyrics is converted to MIDI. This is followed by "4,601 Guest "Accident" in Roller Coaster Tycoon" (over 300,000 views), where Tim commits mass murder opens an impromptu pool in his RollerCoaster Tycoon park and gets an award afterwards. In 2016, Tim released the Pepsi albums, featuring Pepsi-themed remixes of classic hits such as "Dancing Queen", "Pinball Wizard", and "Space Odyssey." The stream that started it all can be found here.

Extra Lives

Extra Lives (not to be confused with the charity Extra Life) was a group of streamers (Tim and his friends) that did video game marathons to raise money for charity. They were inspired to to this in early 2008, but did not officially launch until April 20, 2009. Their website is gone (you can see an archive of it here) and they haven't streamed in years, so it's safe to say Extra Lives is defunct, but as of May 3, 2015 (the last time their FAQ page was saved on Archive.org), they have raised over $78,000 for charity! Some of the charities they raised money for include UNICEF, Free the Children, and charity: water. If you want to see their old marathons, check out their YouTube channel.


Want more Tim? Great, click these links!

Fan/Novelty Sites

Tim has other fan sites, too! Check them out!

Tim-Related Downloads

Most of these are readily available on The Chance of Tim Streaming Tonight or the Sellout List, I'm just mirroring them.

Name Extension Hash Value
Sellout List (2019-04-02) txt sha256 e779c9b3e8e8001e659714ff1b833e39a7a6f2b587de4aceb8bdc2766713687f
sha512 801e07ce8ab42a951f48d4e6c83bef107792d34f945fd207ba3fee2c189bdb48b2f01d4a8e815abb12f7527e649d58fcb49b28725ad9b88e905fc2c7d33ab327
Sellout List (2018-05-19) txt sha256 e8338a41dfd227202f13806c4377ff681c245a4645c48ec7d6cb6e7a4b560ff8
sha512 c489b48e0a8f42fc8a365d569cc819f52bbaa6e656cb7c12a27922270d3daa5c15692d2d0b9b294b4c1e5de2701ea93fc79ea42c987974a2aba80110a3fb329b
Sellout List (2018-04-18) txt sha256 ed65b7455e4716b73df6341a50efc26b20c5db164a24a35b6b04d0204b788ce3
sha512 e21ef4328f95afa37b0007b6a12b9212235c578ded1ece5f60611ffff7f62a7b9b32b7fbe69ea1eef749b9ea575507cb820df40f8f2e0d985fe65f6d7b3cb755
OH_GOD_HELP apk sha256 b9dc5140a5e3517c55f09251f7984e27d769983c6d55cc8db82699429f975aae
sha512 edba1cca1fcbdfadf5d96ea5540105e764608d210e0a67dab5e5b16d1196c1374c80f7d3f9bb92d609b9b8a52ab9aafaad189a476b81ad022c245bf8386fcc89
OH_GOD_HELP exe sha256 7ac34ff2f248b8834afe7fcc3c8d9eef1cd6aadf3a0505e537fb8d2a65a5bbf7
sha512 9609c5ef08c7eb1b42df82d1b5ac1f8e894a14a1eb3c6b41125f5e8b4677f7747bde6c850ce60715ed5bbbbc9efa44e19fe581d43c9d89c4b820b4ff6c72303e
OH_GOD_HELP swf sha256 e483f82060ad2ed69ab992465594f28ba249de6b7e53d4798956da04b19c8b73
sha512 9086a4b3aedbe4e179054866a3a65bdcadd5f0e60fe6ff5295ab535196d785bb94a188ff43f4b804c9456c7838c87fca0080d6d329073eb1737ec53b6769f539
Oregon Chat Deluxe exe sha256 e22c410bb93cebb2718fe1156957a87dc2d42fdc9e6b52320449795d9bf7e8ab
sha512 1e24a2c80aefcf0995356da754f29556bc575f893ba49c2e56150884283b35127eb7fa71292e5edb445b65fc434b8b5e08d41c3c22919600ee32a45d67113056
pEPsi MP3 zip sha256 5f0a31dc9bbf97ab01c4c06f8c8bd31eae80d58bbdb86048ad6e1eabf88bcaa9
sha512 d76fc4fdf29f150513cbf42f8d7891d413e573b11ff5269d37ca7d5d16a2832529134f3a08725225135f25a93db855bbafd9bc8dc55dea5f1ea4d42d0fcc841d
Sgt. Pepsi's Thirsty Hearts Club Brand MP3 zip sha256 1c48250c6433362547aa7d1fdc39a8763ff8f7b7e92aa7d1bdc9e1e0e72fcfcb
sha512 9fd87c94469c2f1e77ae7536d19c739946832f61eb58fed91417b199cc079a2f959425962584edc90d939352502c843841c116a2c972a4e3206afe6426f892af
Sgt. Pepsi's Thirsty Hearts Club Brand FLAC zip sha256 1efef295ba7a97a83ea6cecfbe39b3f8a2c48ad2bc79e7eb6ce1e51470dda729
sha512 58db3568207c8ff261c5c32463c9f5f3ec38b1358f857876496e2af072c809d592953076fb6bf189901819237cb8ca81a98d235f07f8deedfc01aed59c03824e
Puyo Puyo Snoop Dogg zip sha256 0793abecbd5ea62185a4a9d7c2f75beb4519ddd7587aa889dac44a66346d145b
sha512 c56171300c1ac5aaf4f589e48a9c5d808b71c9e284a3d1e1c9933ab61febbd2a1d7483b02247e059e8820df25790f00ed7f377c966cd38850d3dc928638a0879
RCT Challenges exe sha256 f746c2ab323fd39b83592a1ad54ec61a6c07986eac9ec6b9e18e94ed959f6e74
sha512 22f6e89fa29ffc3744549e7a4f84d2a9bad84184ba20c85878c62565f674ea0f9a90622d60ba656b5c14835c2a9119e963c8460db84bad390e44aa75b906ded7
RCT1 Saves zip sha256 55e18948470ca7abfa303bd65d107bc84d13ac81468850960831c587f0441d42
sha512 3f7d01525f06a9a615d074e51851e4b1bff641dc37ab47615880b0f2f5db335c4fbe8483713332a09a23f5e2c5c39dc64175eb7b547a8c126bfce1238ae2ff3e
White Ties zip sha256 f499c16a6103f994156f4b63d42c9b02af4f6de8d84505c425a843f5e7c2325b
sha512 09059d1c331fee2f5642767acb6ad7ccbffab35cdc28aeaa3d36260f81084d9b96a9f2ef396c8456dc776149575d40330b45ed6fdd293e14765e6d7046749d88

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So, who made this?

This site was created by Luna Moona during his free time. I'm not getting paid to do this, I just really like Tim. You can check out my Twitch page here. I made this site because I think Tim deserves a decent website that's not hosted on Neocities (and he let the domain registration for his site lapse). You can contact me on Discord.

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